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About me

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My Story

My name is Kathryn, I was born in Sydney, Australia and moved to Long Island in 2013.  I first became interested in becoming a doula after the birth of my first baby in 2006.  However, as life often does, it led me down other roads and areas of study until I completed my doula certification in 2019.  I had three incredible births, and after each of them felt the urge to support women through this sacred and memorable part of their lives.  


My formal learning qualifications and life experiences as a daughter, mother, certified doula, counselor, massage therapist and yoga instructor are the foundations for my professional, personal, loving and nurturing approach to my doula work.  


There are so many options available to help you create the pregnancy and birth you would like, which many of my clients don’t realize.  I am here to help you navigate through them all.  We also discuss staying open during labor, and preparing for “Plan B”.  Your birth is about what YOU want, your fears, your ideals, concerns and dreams are all something to be discussed in a safe and loving way.  


I believe there is a need for a more nurturing, sensitive and personalized emotional support system  for expectant and new mothers.  With my background in counseling, I focus on establishing true connections with my clients, forming a strong foundation and relationship during pregnancy.  This, in turn provides great comfort for many women during labor and birth, as they feel safe, supported and empowered.  


Depending on the needs of my clients, I can be very hands on, offering comfort touch massage, holding you up, suggesting positions, holding your hand, keeping you warm / cold,  keeping your partner focused and energized or hands off too if that is what my clients need.  I used hypno birthing for all three of my births and although I am not yet a qualified hypnobirth instructor, I am more than happy to share the fundamentals behind it.  These involve, breathing techniques, visualizations and self hypnosis to carry you and your baby through labor in the most peaceful way.  I am more than happy to take photos so your birthing partner can stay focused on you and your baby.


I am truly honored to be a witness to such an empowering, personal and beautiful time in my clients' lives.  Please contact me with any questions.


Much love,


My Training
Certified Birth Doula

Long Island Doula Association 2019

BA in Counseling and Applied Psychotherapy

Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney Australia 2009-2012

Diploma in Swedish Massage

Melbourne College of Natural Medicine, Melbourne Australia 1996

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