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"Kathryn was exactly who I needed throughout my pregnancy and labor journey! She is gentle, warm, comforting, and very knowledgeable. She came to meet my husband and I at our house. We spent the next two hours getting to know one another and it was like chatting with an old friend. She answered ALL of my questions (I had a lot) and I never felt like I was bothering her or asking too much. You can tell immediately that Kathryn truly loves being a doula. I texted with her every couple of hours the day of my birth and she helped me prepare in a way that I am so grateful for! She also came over a couple of days after birth to chat and to see the baby. She gives such great and valuable advice for labor and postpartum. She has amazing recommendations and classes to take as well. I am forever appreciative of the experience Kathryn helped me have!"

~ Rachel

"In these times of uncertainty, I was extremely fortunate to have Kathryn as my doula. Throughout our journey, she empowered me to trust my body and to have the confidence to get through my labor and delivery without intervention. 

Kathryn has an intuition which cannot be taught. Her calming and loving energy got me through the most challenging moments of childbirth, right as I was at my most vulnerable. Whether it was through her peaceful silence, her choice words of encouragement, or her healing touch at just the right moments, having her present at the birth of my daughter was a truly magical experience that I will always be grateful for. I wish everyone could experience pregnancy, labor and childbirth with Kathryn by their side." 

~ Elizabeth

"For our first child, we knew we needed a little extra emotional guidance during delivery - and Kathryn was the perfect choice for us. She has a calming presence that was noninvasive but ever present. Our delivery took a few unexpected turns so we were so glad to have Kathryn help explain what was happening. Even before and after delivery, it was great to have a safe person to turn to with questions about pre- and post-natal care instead of getting lost in a scary Google hole! We would happily add Kathryn to our birthing team again in the future!


~Amanda and Brian

"I knew from the start that Kathryn was the doula I had been searching for.  Her calm, soothing energy came across right away in her email response to me.  When my husband and I spoke to her on the phone, my assumption was confirmed. Her voice alone made us feel at complete ease. Then, when we met Kathryn in person, we just knew that she was the person we wanted to share the most important moment of our lives with. We were so grateful to have found someone so genuine, compassionate, loving, and open. 

Leading up to the labor, I had no idea what to expect being a first time mom, but Kathryn’s personal and professional knowledge, helped to solidify the belief within me that I could achieve the natural, unmedicated birth I wanted. 

During the labor, Kathryn was an incredible pillar of strength for us. She never wavered in the support offered and kept us grounded so that we could make informed but intuitive decisions. Her calm presence and words of encouragement carried me through the most difficult parts of the labor. 

Kathryn's unconditional love, support, guidance, and wisdom enabled us to bring our daughter into this world in the empowered way we had dreamed of and we truly cannot thank her enough. It is evident that Kathryn is meant to help bring life into this world. If we ever decide to have another child, we will surely be asking Kathryn to be by our sides again!"


~ Amanda & Jan 

"In anticipation of expecting our first child, my husband and I were looking for a Doula who would understand us, our goals and be in-the-moment support. As a Mother-to-be nervous about the birthing experience, I was personally seeking a calming presence who could help me work through the pain and answer any worries. Thankfully, we found all of this in Kathryn. Kathryn is a tuned-in listener and soother. It was very easy for us to connect with her and she was great about checking in on me along the journey. When my water broke in the middle of the night, Kathryn arrived at the hospital just as we did and helped us get our bearings. Through contractions she had the right techniques during tougher moments and was an easy presence between us and the hospital staff. We felt like Kathryn was one of the family and we’re so happy to have had her as part of our daughter’s entry into the world."


"There’s so much to say about my first experience with a doula. Although this was baby number three for me, I wanted to do things differently this time, so I opted for a birthing center.  After speaking to several different doulas I chose Kathryn. I’m so glad I did, as she’s so kind, modest, and attentive. She listened to the concerns of my husband and I and vowed to be a voice for us if things didn’t go the way we wanted.

On the big day she slept at my house until the birthing center gave us the okay to come in. There was a lot of back and forth, let’s just say we drove to the birthing center and back to our relative homes more than once before my baby arrived. When it was go time Kathryn assisted my husband in keeping me comfortable during my unmedicated water birth, she was truly my epidural in human form. Through encouragement, back rubs and essential oils we got through it together. My baby entered the world with hard work on my part and some amazing counter pressure from Kathryn. I could not have done it without her. One million thanks Kathryn you are truly an amazing person."

~ Mercedes

"My husband and I hired Kathryn as our doula to support us during labor and delivery. Little did we know, she would support us for much more than just when our baby was coming. I had several non-pregnancy related medical complications during my third trimester, and Kathryn constantly checked in on me and provided me with any support she could, from arranging that I attend prenatal classes virtually, to helping me find a pelvic floor therapist when I desperately needed one. During labor at the hospital, Kathryn helped to create a calming and comfortable setting, which I truly believe helped to relax my body and help me dilate. She also provided massage and helped me adjust my body in such a way to help our baby’s positioning and keep things moving along. Everything went so well that my husband was able to sleep for most of my labor at the hospital! When it was time to deliver my baby, I was equipped with so much knowledge from Kathryn and the classes she recommended that I was able to advocate for myself even in one of the most intense moments of my life. Despite my many medical issues, Kathryn gave me hope and power… and I was ultimately able to deliver vaginally and I had a very positive birth experience! I owe much of this to the support she provided. And after a chaotic and overwhelming first night home with our baby, Kathryn came to the rescue to help us with our newborn and allowed us time to rest. She is the best!"


"Kathryn has an amazingly caring heart.  She is truly a wonderful listener.  My first birth experience, without going into too much detail, was rather traumatic and nothing went the way it probably should have.

For my second birth, I knew I needed more support, that WE needed more support.  I knew I wanted a doula, so I set up a meeting with Kathryn.  She listened to my husband and I tell our story about our first birth.  We went into detail about everything we didn't achieve and how it affected us.  The three of us came up with a plan on how we would work together to try and have a more positive experience this time around.

Kathryn contacted me often to see how I was doing, which really helped put my negative thoughts at ease.  Kathryn was always there for me.  Needless to say, when the big day came, everything went the way we needed it to go, and I couldn't be happier.  She truly helped me (and my husband!) achieve what we desperately needed.....a positive birth experience.  Thank you Kathryn, we couldn't have done it without you!"


"Being home and pregnant during a pandemic allowed me the space and time to focus on educating and preparing myself for birth.  I knew I wanted a doula to help my husband and I get through it but had no idea how it would work with social distancing and getting to know someone who would witness and support me through the most intense and vulnerable moment of my life.  As soon as I spoke with Kathryn I felt at ease with her presence and energy.  Her background, personality and perspective on natural childbirth cliqued with me and my husband right away. 


I knew she was going to be an invaluable asset and support for our little family.  Kathryn listened to all my hopes and dreams as a soon-to-be mom and helped reinforce my will and confidence to achieve my dream birth. She checked in with me frequently during my pregnancy and was always only a phone call away.  On the big day she arrived in the birth room with the calm assertive energy I knew she would bring.  Her reassuring presence and comradery was invaluable to my husband's confidence in his support and birth coaching. Her cool, cold hand seemed to find my brow just when I needed it and her massage techniques help give me relief durring 10 hours of labor. I feel so empowered that we had the drug free natural childbirth I had been dreaming of. I truly hope I will be blessed to have another child one day and have Kathryn at my side to help us bring it into this world.  I would recommend her to any expecting mother on her pregnancy journey." 


~ Lindsay

"My first two pregnancies had no complications, but I just felt so out of control regarding my delivery.  For my third pregnancy, I reached out to Kathryn.  I spoke with her throughout the pregnancy about my wishes for a better birthing experience.

When it came time for the hospital, my husband and I really needed extra support which is exactly what Kathryn was able to provide.  Kathryn worked so hard to help me accomplish my goals through labor and maintain my energy.  Her calming energy, encouragement, and knowledge were essential.  COVID-19 added another level of uncertainty, but Kathryn was able to add an anchoring element which kept things feeling as normal as possible with all the new guidelines.  My husband and I are so grateful for her help, being an advocate for us, and keeping us focused.  It was an experience we will never forget."

~ Lisa

"I met Kathryn near the very end of my pregnancy and I couldn’t have been luckier. Immediately I could tell that she was a calm, loving person who would help bring my baby girl into the world with all the right energy. Because of covid, we did not meet in person before I gave birth, but Kathryn made every effort to video chat and speak on the phone so we could get to know each other. Kathryn was such a tremendous help to me and I couldn’t be more thankful. Not only is she the greatest doula, but I consider her a great friend."

 ~ Nikole

"As soon as I spoke with Kathryn I knew she was the right fit. Her warm, calm and professional energy was just what I was looking for. Things did not exactly go according to our birth plan, but she was with us every step of the way, and helped us feel confident and more relaxed during the experience. We were so happy she was there with us. We highly recommend Kathryn"


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